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Learn what Intuitive Reiki is and Why Horses are involved!

Oct 29, 2019 05:59PM ● By Kristy Mayer

by Joan Summers

One of the greatest gifts our animals have to offer us is to be in the present moment, free of agenda or judgment. In this moment we feel their love and experience the joy of connection.

What is intuitive reiki?

Reiki is the highest light energy that nurtures and restores life to its greatest potential. It is a practice of compassion and spiritual connection with all living beings. 

Reiki is the Japanese word for “universal life force energy”. In an intuitive reiki session, this energy is offered and guided by Divine Source as it gently flows through the practitioner’s hands to where it is needed most. Inner wisdom determines the direction and the volume of the flow of reiki. It is a natural, non-invasive, spiritually guided universal energy that supports the body, mind and spirit in the process of returning to a balanced state. 

What are the benefits of reiki?

Reiki clients experience peace of mind, enlightened awareness and physical restoration. Connections between physical pain and emotional trauma are often revealed during a session, creating an opportunity to release stuck energy. Reiki removes blocked energy allowing the body to heal itself. It creates deep relaxation and the release of stress and tension. It is common to fall asleep during a session. 

Science has shown that the body is naturally balanced by electromagnetic fields. Every cell in the body has positive and negative charges that keep it in perfect health. When this energy becomes unbalanced due to emotional or physical stress, the result can be sickness or disease. Reiki rebalances these fields.

Why horses?

For thousands of years, our most trusted friends have been horses. They are deeply connected to our spiritual evolution. They have willingly carried us through wars, pulled our burdens, farmed our fields and won our races. They have remained present with us and know us better than we know ourselves. Through this partnership they have never stopped offering us their most powerful gift: The Essential Gift of a Horse. They see the person we have lost contact with, the one who is authentic and at peace, and then they show us what we are unable to see. 

The energetic vibration of a horse is higher than ours, and they will lift us out of sadness simply by standing next to us. They hold no judgment of our past behaviors, because the present moment is all that matters to a horse. Horses are prey animals. Their survival depends on their ability to see and feel energy and intention. When these are in integrity, horses feel safe. What is so amazing is that a horse will move closer to a human that is suffering with incongruence. They know what is in our hearts and move closer so their heart can touch ours. For centuries, horses have been waiting for us to accept this essential gift. 

Horses are natural reiki masters. Each horse offers reiki in a unique way. Some will offer the energy through their chakras by moving their body into position, lining up the same chakra with the client’s. Some ask to have their chakra connected through the practitioner’s hands. 

During these sessions, the practitioner works in partnership with these energy masters by listening and intuitively following the guidance and wisdom of their equine partner to heal and restore each client to a more balanced state. 

Joan Summers, owner of Step Into Joy Healing Arts, is a Gestalt Life Coach and Intuitive Reiki Master specializing in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method. For more information, call 267-272-9343, email [email protected] or visit