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Spring Special for Imaging with Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness

Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC, owner of Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness, travels throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania offering highly accurate radiation-free breast and full body thermographic imaging to both men and women at natural wellness businesses.

Thermography is a non-invasive test that records the temperature of the skin to reveal where imbalances in the body may be occurring. “The hot and cold areas of the body create patterns. Interpreting the meaning of those patterns is similar to Chinese medicine in how it ‘connects the dots,’” explains Mack.

The equipment uses scanning software created by a doctor and produces high resolution images. The images are then reviewed by medical doctors that are trained as thermologists. Results are explained in simple to understand terms. 

Mack shares that “interaction with others is very limited. The scans are conducted in a private, cordoned off area that’s sanitized between use. Even the imaging equipment, which never touches the person’s body, is sanitized.”

New patients are encouraged to take advantage of Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness Spring Special—$50 off a health study—in addition to a free dry brush service. Please visit the website for complete details on this invaluable service.

Location: Visit website for locations. For information and appointments, call 855-667-9338 or visit See ads, pages 42 and 52.

Lisas Thermography and Wellness - Morristown NJ

Lisa's Thermography and Wellness - Morristown, NJ

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