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From Tower to Table: Growing Plants with Aeroponics

Fortis Farms is about creating easy access to fresh, local food sources in a sustainable, space-saving, resource-conserving system. Started by four Culpeper, Virginia-area entrepreneurs, the company is committed to supporting communities, families and businesses through the imperative of generating new, resilient, accessible food sources and economies using innovative technologies and systems.

        Fortis Farms leverages aeroponic vertical solutions as an approachable, scalable pathway to grow more and reduce waste in a low-cost, small-footprint framework. Aeroponic gardening is an evolution of hydroponics that employs a process of growing plants in a mist environment rather than soil. By combining water, liquid nutrients, soilless medium and a timer-controlled pump, plants raised in this method grow more quickly, more heartily, are incredibly delicious and highly nutritious. Using this method, yields can increase by 30 percent, plants grow two to three times faster, and the systems use up to 98 percent less water and consume 90 percent less space than traditional techniques.

The towers are extremely easy to maintain and almost run themselves. Families will find themselves wasting less food, eating more healthfully, and spending less. The produce is simply there and doesn’t travel thousands of miles to reach the table. Larger producers can take advantage of gravity-fed irrigation, nutrient delivery systems, and the space-saving, effort-reducing nature of these solutions to produce more, faster, and closer to their communities.

For more information, call Fortis Farms at 540-409-6871, email [email protected], or visit