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Holistic Healing for Autoimmune Diagnoses

Infections, in general, are a group of conditions characterized by an immune system whose defenses have been breached. A healthy immune system is fighting off infective agents all the time, often without us even noticing. We are under constant attack from bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. 

        Acute infections occur when the defenses get breached, but the immune system responds actively. After a brief battle, the immune system is typically victorious, and, in many cases, antibodies formed from the exposure can protect the individual for certain periods of time from future infections. 

Chronic infections are scenarios in which the immune system fails to respond to the infective agent—for many possible reasons. It can cause inflammation of tissues that we may or may not be able to feel, but which can have long-term, deleterious effects. Chronic infection can affect and weaken the immune system, resulting in many serious disorders. The result is often an autoimmune diagnosis. 

When focusing on clearing chronic infection, we should focus first on creating an alkaline environment in the body, boosting the immune system and then adding antivirals. Only once the immune system is bolstered and strong can we begin to get to the root cause of the cluster of symptoms or infections that our healthcare system labels as autoimmune. 

Source: Dr. Peter Amato, creator of the Inner Harmony Approach: A 5-Step Process to Optimal Health. For more information, call 570-319-6073 or visit

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Inner Harmony Wellness Center - Dalton, PA

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