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What’s Truly Important

Once again, I am sitting here agonizing over what to write about. This sweeping pandemic makes almost everything seem to be just a little bit harder. Finding a subject that fits, something that may be somewhat inspiring, or even uplifting, has left me scratching my head. With all the confusion, unrest, insecurities, hardships and financial concerns so many of us are experiencing, I am at a loss for words.  

        I started thinking about what this pandemic and so much social unrest has brought to the forefront of my mind. I ask myself what have I learned? What do I need to relearn? Or unlearn? And my thoughts on what is truly important come down to this: 

Time. What I choose to do with it and who I spend it with.  

My thinking should always be wrapped around doing the right thing for others as well as myself.  

Slow down. Enjoy my life. Laugh more.

Worry is hard to shake if I don’t work at shaking it. It also never serves me or anyone around me well. 

That truly living in the moment is hard but necessary for me.

To pay attention to my ego; I may not be as important as I think I am. Humility serves both you and me better. 

To understand love, how to love more, and be loved. 

That my foundation, when faced with adversity, is my faith, which leads me to trust and acceptance.  

That my control is only an illusion. The future will be as the future becomes, with or without me. 

To live life with a purpose of joy and happiness; take nothing, absolutely nothing, for granted.

To appreciate everyone, to respect everyone, especially my family, friends. To be present. 

That there should be no place for hate. Love, for me, is always the answer.  

That every lesson I have learned must be practiced and practiced and practiced until it becomes a part of me.  

That doing the right thing is not that hard, and I should not look for any acknowledgement for doing the right thing.  

How honored I am to be supported, by anyone, but especially my wife.  

That we are all in this together, and the planet is smaller than we think. We are much more alike than we are different. It has also reinforced in me that peace, love, tolerance, understanding, empathy and compassion are the solution. Never the problem.