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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

A More Natural Return to Earth

The green burial movement, which encompasses a host of ways people are finding to honor the dead and care for their remains in environmentally, socially and economically sustainable ways, is on the rise. Green Meadow, a natural burial ground within the Fountain Hill cemetery, enables people’s remains to return to the Earth as simply and directly as possible. The goal is to create a beautiful and respectful place to allow the body to degrade naturally and rejoin Earth’s elements, perpetuating the natural cycle of life and death, of dissolution and rebirth. The burial process uses what remains of life to regenerate new life.

Unlike traditional cemeteries, Green Meadow prohibits practices that prevent natural reunion with the Earth, including burial vaults, metal caskets and chemical embalming. In their place they allow biodegradable caskets and cloth shrouds. Upright headstones are not permitted; however, ground-level fieldstone and other natural native rock markers are allowed.

The meadow is planted with native wildflowers, eliminating the need for lawn care. Each season, Green Meadow invites volunteers from the community to help with turning the soil, cleaning and upkeep of the grounds. “It’s a wonderful way for people whose loved ones are here to connect with their memory and the spirit of this place,” says Ed Vogrins, Green Meadows executive director.

Location:  Fountain Hill Cemetery is located at 1121 Graham Street, Fountain Hill. For more information, contact Ed Vogrins at 610-868-4840 or visit