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NuCell Regenerative Health: Cutting-Edge Therapies with Limitless Potential

Alan Taylor, PA-C, co-founder and medical director for NuCell Regenerative Health, in Narberth, has been practicing medicine for 20 years. For the last 15 years, Taylor has been perfecting his techniques in regenerative health and as a result has become one of the nation's foremost clinicians in using the body’s own amazing regenerative healing properties available to us all—stem cells.

As more stem cell research is unfolding, there are more applications for their rejuvenating properties and pain mitigation. As a result, stem cell regeneration can be applied to a multitude of areas of the body. In addition to healing injured joints due to a sports injury, degenerative issues and arthritis, stem cells are being applied to cosmetic applications like non-surgical facelifts, breast lifts, neck lifts, hair restoration and acne scar removal. Stem cell injections are also being used to reverse sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction in men and incontinence and reduced orgasms in women.

Taylor has successfully completed over 6000 regenerative procedures on joints throughout the body. He has participated in multiple original research projects on regenerative healing. He has also created a pulmonary stem cell nebulizer treatment that has regenerative capabilities for the lungs. Taylor explains, “This treatment helped a COPD patient increase previously diminished pulmonary function. I believe this treatment could also be applied to post COVID-19 patients experiencing ongoing lung and physiological dysfunction.” Currently, he is developing the first ethics board on regenerative medicine issues.

  NuCell Regenerative Health offers other services, as well. They provide IV infusion nutrition of vitamins and micro-nutrients. Using their Spectracell blood test, they gain insights into patients’ vitamin and micro-nutrient deficiencies and then create a custom IV infusion program to address them. “We also provide IV nutrients to combat ‘the virus’ with an immune-boosting formula and other formulas for people suffering from headaches, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, hydration, depression, diabetes and hypertension,” Taylor offers. They are also an authorized Medical Marijuana Certification center utilizing tele-health zoom calls. 

Taylor assures, “We are very aware of the current pandemic situation and take every precaution to ensure every patient's safety from exposure. We limit the number of people in our office by scheduling individual appointments and being prepared for your arrival with no waiting time. You will be directed to your individual procedure room upon arrival.”

NuCell Regenerative Health offers a free, 30-minute telehealth zoom call with Taylor to discuss how their regenerative services can help address a patient’s health concerns.

Location: 632 Montgomery Ave., 3rd Fl., Narberth. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 267-603-3140 or visit See ad, page 9.