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Balm Offers 'Pure Deliciousness in a Jar'

Be Smooth Bee Balm is the brainchild of Tahliah Y. Fuller, a licensed esthetician, aroma therapist and holistic health coach, and owner of Spice Rack Beauty. 

“After years of working in retail selling luxury brands of skin care and ‘miracles in jars’, for princely sums up to $1000 for a two-ounce jar, I was sure I could offer a simple yet effective solution to dry skin woes,” states Fuller.

Armed with her knowledge as an esthetician and how essential oils affect the body, Fuller began experimenting with ingredients and after much work arrived at the creation of Be Smooth Bee Balm. She describes the results as “pure deliciousness in a jar. Looks like butter and smells like a dream. Smooth it over your body and rejoice!”

Cold winter air combined with excessive handwashing and the overuse of hand sanitizers is causing many to experience painfully dry skin. A dab of this healing balm applied to dry cuticles and roughened skin on the hands will result in instant relief. Elbows, feet, and knees will all feel renewed. 

The balm is available in five-ounce and eight-ounce jars. Gift baskets that feature the balm plus an assortment of beauty products are also available.

For more information, call 631-336-9762, email [email protected] or visit  See ad, page 17.