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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

A Vision of Hope

Today I have hope.

    Hope is an amazing miracle when taken into our hearts. It allows us to start over, inspires new thinking and opens our eyes to see a path of separation from whatever may be causing us emotional pain, physical pain or even controlling pain. 

   Hope represents a vision of a better tomorrow. Hope allows us to shake off the grip of fear and gloom. Hope plants the seed needed to breathe in the possibilities of a brighter day. Hope inspires. 

   Through hope we cultivate optimism—a vision of better days, less stress, a brighter future. Thinking shifts and the brain seems to restore our “feel good all over” energy. It is funny how less irritable I am when hope comes alive in me. My tolerance levels improve, and a sense of peace enters my spirit. Thank God we have hope today. 

  We have faced many challenges over the past year, and there are still challenges today. Now, though, hope will lead the way to acceptance. Traveling hand in hand, hope and acceptance pave the way forward. Our new path still requires that we dust off our scars, face our fears and deal with our difficulties, but the light of hope brings the courage to step into the future. 

So, I would like to encourage everyone to believe in hope and imagine the world as one community. A world community filled with gigantic dreams and monumental dream makers, a community that at its core believes someday we will reach the distant star called “peace on Earth”. Hope for it, believe in it, work for it, one thought, one act, one message at a time. Achieving the impossible happens every day. Let’s each commit to being part of making the impossible possible. Let’s hope so. 

With peace, love and laughter,

Joe Dunne, Publisher