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A Guide to Divination for Positive Well Being

Apr 26, 2021 02:54PM ● By Janine Devanney

Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge about the unknown that is not obvious to the waking eye. The media can sometimes depict this as supernatural, or sometimes even scary. We are programmed to think that this could be harmful and unpredictable in the answers we are searching for. There are many forms of divination such as crystals, tarot cards, pendulums, and numerology. Many people believe the power behind this is truly within the person and not the objects. This can take our minds and thoughts from a place of over thinking to intuition. 

I always feel a calling to divination when I am experiencing a creative block. Or when working directly with a client who is looking for a more mystical approach to their skin and wellness. Between healing skincare such as blends created under a full moon and crystal infused makeup brands; mysticism and the art of divination has officially become mainstream. Crystal particles such as tourmaline are added into skincare products to eliminate dead skin while combatting negativity. Rose quartz is thought to enhance the natural brightness one has within their complexion; all while opening the heart center to receive unlimited feelings of abundance and self-love. With greater reason, human beings are attracted to experiences that will allow them to connect to something that encourages inner peace. Finding the meaning in our lives has become a modern malaise and we are never taught to look within for the answers we seek. Those who are drawn to these spiritual tools also possess an “inner knowing” that everything surrounding us is connected in a more divine way. That we are each energetically intertwined. Daily life tends to distract us from our inner power. This is where divination can come in and bring our inner knowing back to center.

Tarot: Tarot cards typically consist of 78 cards with its own imagery, symbolism, and story. In the mid-15th century, tarot was used in various parts of Europe. It was not until the 18th century that custom decks were developed for divination purposes. These cards are filled with engaging artwork that allows an opening to talk about our lives, relationships and current situations. For someone who is new to tarot, it may seem as if the reader using the cards is predicting the future. In reality, most tarot readers will explain that they are simply offering a guideline on the probable outcome based on the current forces at work in your life. 

Numerology: This is incorporated within many pagan traditions. The basic principles imply that numbers have a very magical significance. Some numbers have more power than others. You can use numbers related to your birthdate or your name to see what holds relevance for you. 

Pendulums are made from a variety of crystals, metals, and glass. They can assist in healing by helping to locate areas in the body that may be blocked. They tend to swing in vertical, horizontal, or circular motions. Depending on the motion the pendulum swings, this can direct you to a simple yes or no answer to the situation you are pondering on.

Do not worry about which divination form you choose. It may take time to really find which practice works best for you. Before embarking on this journey, remember these are simply tools to help us connect inward and with spirit. Once you begin it can be very tempting to use these tools for direction in just about everything. If you are always referring to your tarot deck to ask about that job opportunity, or taking out your pendulum to ask about a new relationship, you take the chance of forgetting the value in your own decision-making ability. Your intuition and the logical explanation will begin to overlap with confusion. Try your best to not refer to you cards or crystals for every decision that needs to be made. You can refer to them as a supplement to your own higher knowing. A healthy balance can help you become grounded on the unknown path ahead of you.  Enjoy the doorway to a deeper understanding that you may have not known always existed within you. 

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