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Together for Peace

Dec 30, 2021 04:09PM ● By Joe Dunne

When I asked Google the percentage of people that keep their new year’s resolutions each year, I was willing to bet it was very low. I was right. It is only 8 percent.

Does this mean we should give up on resolution efforts? Not at all. When I look at the big things on my list that I want to accomplish or change in 2022, I see it is mostly resolutions left over from years of working on the hard task of resolving me. The proof of this ongoing effort surrounds me: self-help books everywhere, audio library, sticky notes, lists and scattered (unreadable) pieces of paper throughout my house and office.  

My list is all about the usual stuff—be kinder, pay attention, listen better. Go out of your way to make someone happy. Complete those spontaneous random acts of kindness. Give something to everyone you meet—even something that may seem small like encouragement or a positive thought. Watch my ego and, of course, “see the good” and “live in gratitude”.  No judging. Strive to be a model others would like to emulate. Respect everyone. Embrace every breath, relationship and live life without guilt or remorse. Just do the right thing. Think positive and say yes more often. 

This list reminds me why paying attention to me and my behavior benefits others as well as the commitment it takes. 

As 2022 approaches, my dreams center on good health (trust me, at 78 this month, good health is gold) and peace. Not only within where it starts, but peace moving outwardly to all. What better greeting or reminder than wishing peace to everyone we meet. What better time than now to start a together movement—a movement of good, of peace, of chill—for the planet and all life on it. 

Staying focused on what is good for all and carrying a message of hope takes dedication, commitment and avoiding complacency. Every tiny act, deed and word contributes to the good of all. “Make love, not war”—any war no matter how small. Miracles do happen. Together we can contribute and make the unthinkable thinkable, grow the good and be the peace. 

From all of us to all of you, stay safe. Good luck with your resolutions. Spread the peace. 

In love, joy and laughter,

Joe Dunne, Publisher