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Drink Coffee and Tea to Reduce Dementia and Stroke Risk

White mug of coffee or tea spilling out


There’s good news for coffee and tea drinkers in recent research: consuming two to three cups a day of each beverage has been found to significantly lower the risk of stroke by 32 percent and of dementia by 28 percent compared to abstainers. Researchers from Tianjin Medical University, in China, analyzed a databank of 365,682 UK residents between 50 and 74 years of age that reported their coffee and tea consumption over 11 years and found that drinking both beverages in the course of a day correlates with a lower risk of stroke and dementia compared to drinking either one exclusively. Also, drinking three to six cups of coffee alone or in combination with tea was associated with a lower risk of post-stroke dementia. “Coffee and tea are distinct beverages with both overlapping and different contents. One potential mechanism may be related to the combined protective role of the different antioxidants and other biological contents in these two beverages,” the study concluded.