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The Journey to Beautiful

Apr 27, 2022 04:30PM ● By Joe Dunne

I never knew what I wanted out of life. As with many people, my search was filled with low self-esteem, feeling less than others and wondering what others possessed that I missed. I worried about others’ opinion of me and how I measured against the norm. My life was built on this type of thinking and behavior. Peace was a distant dream. I didn’t feel like I fit in, even in a crowd. As it turns out, I did not. 

   Naturally, over the years, things changed. I learned a little more. I found that nothing—not the rock and roll night life or the excitement of searching for the new—ever fixed me. Too many of us think that the perfect man, woman, partner will solve the problem of “me”. And therein lies the problem. It took a lot of time and effort to understand that all the solutions were already within me. That fixing my life is up to me; it’s my responsibility, but at that time in my life I was not ready for the solution. The need for change was there, but my awareness was way behind. I did not know how to grow, how to listen, how to open my mind and learn from the success of others.

My point here is to acknowledge that life is one day at a time. It’s a process and sometimes that process takes more time than we would like. While the one thing you can count on is change, it takes drive, right intentions, good thinking, and the knowledge that success is a series of good, small decisions to feel a sense of control within the change. We can accomplish almost anything, and the key is not to give up on our dreams, desires (good ones), wish lists and the pursuit of being a better human. 

This year I turned 78. Many of my truths have changed over the years. Many of my past beliefs ended up being just plain wrong. Many brain programs that shaped my thinking were wrong. Many of my defenses and ego-centered thinking patterns were wrong. But I am okay with my past. It shaped me and allowed me to understand things that can only be understood through experience.

So now I celebrate and accept all the good and bad together, because life is beautiful. Its beauty is still there even when life is painful, complicated, hard and stressful. In those times I just want to scream, even give up, but I have learned most situations will change. Hopefully it changes for the better, but sometimes you are dealt a bad hand, and the only way through is to play it. In those times, acceptance can bring the focus necessary to see the way through, and hope becomes life’s miracle maker. For those who may be suffering, I pray you will find peace and serenity in your life. 

As you know, May is our annual Women’s edition. So, Asta and I would like to close with a sincere wish that each of you, our readers, finds your own moments of tranquility, as well as an oasis of calm, relaxation and peace in your lives.

With peace, love and laughter,

Joe & Asta Dunne, Publishers