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Reminders for Living

Jul 01, 2022 08:26PM ● By Joe Dunne

I was again quoting from the book Don't Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family: Simple Ways to Keep Daily Responsibilities from Taking Over Your Life, by Richard Carlson, when I shared this chapter heading to a friend—Life is Not an Emergency. It’s a good thing to remember. All too often as buttons are pushed, deadlines grow near, stress piles up and inflation threatens, we lose track of the fact that change is inevitable, a lot of stress we feel is self-imposed, and that life is a process. Enjoying it all is the goal and how we think our way through life’s ups, downs, tragedies and joys is the key to enjoying the process. Our ability to cope, reframe our thinking, and accept and adjust our attitudes one day at a time is priceless and allows us to pursue happiness. 

So, I thought I would share a few chapter headings that help me to slow down, stay focused and keep in mind what is important—my responsibility to myself, family and friends. 

Live From Your Heart

Keep Your Promises

Encourage Boredom in Your Children

Refuse To Let It Bug You

Develop Your Own Reset Button

Don’t Put Yourself Down

Experience Calm Surrender

Never Ever Take Your Spouse or
   Significant Other for Granted

Don’t Go to Bed Mad

Schedule Time for Kindness

Attend to Feelings First

Remind Yourself Frequently What
   Your Children Really Want

Speak Softly

Take It as It Comes

Remind Others to Treasure Life

Stay Playful

Stay Healthy


Be the Example of Peace

Surrender to the Fact That There is
   Always Something to Do

Stop Complaining About the Complaining

Start Your Day and End Your Day with Love

There are so many reminders in this book that I need to read over and over to remember what is truly important in life for me: contentment, acceptance, gratitude, being the best I can be, peace, kindness, being empathetic and loving. For today, I’m “a work in progress” and that’s okay. 

With peace, love and laughter,

Joe Dunne, Publisher