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Open House at the School of Divine Ministry

Since 1995, Circle of Miracles Ministries, an inclusive spiritual community grounded in love, harmony and peace, has graduated over 150 students through its School of Divine Ministry. Those inspired to enroll often do so for self-inquiry or to study world religions; while others take the training for a specific reason, only to discover unexpected revelations. Ordination allows ministers to share their gifts and training in many ways. Some have healing practices, some have wedding ministries, some conduct rites of passage, others have taken their ministries into prisons, retirement communities, nursing homes, and into churches. Students are now being interviewed for the school’s new 18-month program which begins October 14. The program meets twice a month in person and twice online. An Open House will be held from 7-8:30 p.m. on September 8 for those interested in learning more about the program.  

Circle of Miracles Ministries, Inc., is a 501c2 church dedicated to lovingly provide a safe place for connection with the Divine as it flows within the individual, and as it is shared and held as sacred by the community. Recognizing that there are many paths to All That Is, they practice acceptance and generosity as they share and learn from each other’s journeys.

Location: 10 Beulah Rd., New Britain. For more information contact Rev. Glenda Smith at 267-218-4254 (cell) or email [email protected] or visit

Circle of Miracles Inc School of Divine Ministry - 10 Beulah Road New Britain PA

Circle of Miracles Inc., School of Divine Ministry - 10 Beulah Road, New Britain, PA

Have you ever felt the calling to be a minister? Answer the calling at Circle of Miracles. The School of Divine Ministry’s 18-month program will prepare you to be an ordained non-denomina... Read More »