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Let There Be Peace

I was thinking about the messaging that I receive on an everyday basis. That being radio, TV, cable and, of course, social media including the world of Google.

   The first time I recognized its power was when a 15-second image flashed upon a movie screen. I was amazed at the impact and the results that could be delivered from such a quick visual moment. Messaging, branding, impressions, influencing—there must be a power here because we’re being bombarded with messaging.

It got me thinking—what if a human message was passed from one to another. It’s not a new concept really, but it seems to me that the timing is right to spread the message of peace.

I may sound crazy, but if we could influence companies to put a message of peace on their trucks, a message of peace on every Amazon box shipped? It would be amazing. Plus, Amazon can afford it and I think would win kudos along the way.

What if we all made an effort to acknowledge the thought of world peace? Would that be so bad? How can we become the influence to make a change for peace? Could we push suppliers like Amazon, Fed X, UPS, radio stations, every TV channel, every cable network, every company to advertise the message of peace? Who knows.

Peace has no political statement, no religious push back; even skeptics and fear-spreaders including conspiracy theorists would be hard to argue against the message of peace. It seems to me peace and love are the uniters.

We’re always loving on people these days, how about we add peace to the love. It seems to me peace and love would be better messaging than…well, you fill in the blank.

With peace, love and laughter,

Joe & Asta Dunne