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Join the Refill Revolution at Eco Loka

Eco Loka, Hunterdon County’s first refill store, has opened at 23 Race St. in Frenchtown. Refill stores help reduce the volume of packaging that ends up in landfills, incinerators, and oceans by eliminating single-use packaging from cleaning and personal care products.

   At Eco Loka, soap, shampoo, conditioner, cleaners, laundry detergent, etc., are filled in your own container (or purchased at Eco Loka) and sold by the ounce at prices less than or comparable to those at supermarkets and specialty stores. New customers also receive 10% off their first purchase in January.

   Owner Bonnie Pariser created Eco Loka at Yoga Loka, the oldest yoga studio in Hunterdon, which she opened in 2003. “Practicing ahimsa (non-violence) is a fundamental principle of yoga,” Pariser said. Pariser sees the creation of Eco Loka as a natural outgrowth of her 35-year practice of yoga. “Having a refill shop in Hunterdon makes it easier for everyone to practice environmental sustainability.”

Pariser sells products in small quantities to give customers a chance to try the products and “dip their toes” into the growing sustainability movement. She hosts community clothing swaps and recently started a mending circle where people repair and reuse still-desirable clothing.

“I have been a dedicated thrift store shopper since high school,” Pariser said. “Thrift stores, clothing swaps and mending circles keep viable clothing in use rather than in the trash.” Refill shops extend that ethic to personal care and cleaning products.

Pariser’s shop-local, reduce-and-reuse philosophy extends to the sourcing of Eco Loka merchandise. Most products are from small and local vendors who use sustainable materials. The store also offers wood-and-bristle brushes, hand-crafted bar soaps, eco-friendly skin care products, unique gifts, and more. Contact Bonnie Pariser at [email protected] or visit

Location: 23 Race St., Frenchtown. Store hours: Thurs. 1-6pm; Fri. 1-5pm; Sat-Sun 12noon-5pm. Also, by appointment. For information contact Bonnie at 908-268-7430 (text is best) or [email protected] See ad, page 19.