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Share the Good You See

Apr 03, 2023 01:28PM ● By Joe Dunne

Appreciation is one of those super small acts of kindness that costs absolutely nothing but pays monstrous dividends in remembered feel-good moments. Of course, to get the most out of this act of spiritual kindness, being real is a must. When authentically felt and expressed, even casual bystanders smile and get in on the moment. It also triggers the body to pump out endorphins, the “feel-good” brain chemical, which is so cool.

What I love best though about these random moments of appreciation are the flashback memories that create additional feel-good moments. As I mentioned, dividends.

Peter, a friend of mine, would always acknowledge people. He would walk across the street to tell a crossing guard what a great attitude she has. He would go out of his way and pay a compliment to anyone doing a good job, who had great energy, etc. He was always looking for the good and for someone to make happy. He knew that paying attention to the good works. Peter, as you can guess, was aware that he also benefited—it touched his soul. He was like the Johnny Appleseed of compliments. I was always amazed at how, with a simple word or gesture, he could bring about a smile—the visual snapshot of internal joy that appears when someone feels appreciated.

I remember distinctly the time Peter knocked on a Macy’s store display window being prepped for Christmas. He surprised a lady that looked stressed in her work with a little tap dance and thumbs up motion to let her know she was appreciated for her creation. Sure enough, this little sincere act produced a pause, quickly followed by a very broad smile that filled the window, or so it seemed, complete with an “Oh, wow!” and a heartfelt thank you.

In the world of everyday life, it touches our hearts to know someone cares, that people see us, that what we do matters.

I write about this as a reminder to never forget to tell people, and show people, especially the people that I share love with and that support me, how much I appreciate them.

I remember always wanting one of my parents to tell me how proud they were of me. It never happened. They are now gone, and that is okay. But the memory serves as a lesson to chart a different path and always acknowledge the good. So, to my daughter who lives far away, and to my son who lives even farther—I always want them to know how proud I am of them, their work, their parenting, the people they are, and just how much I appreciate them. Also, to everyone around me in my world, I need to make sure they feel appreciated, even if it’s just from me.

Today is always the right time to go out and look for the good, to make a bunch of feel-good moments for others and yourself. So go forth and help those you meet go from underappreciated to appreciated. Savor these moments. And let me know what happens.

In peace, love and laughter,

Joe Dunne, Publisher