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Living In The Moment

May 01, 2023 09:03PM ● By Joe Dunne

Once again, my talent for procrastination in writing my publisher’s letter has led me to wander from room to room in my house in search of inspiration before finally landing in our backyard deck. 

   As I sit here listening to the wind chimes and birdsong while watching the leaves and trees dance in the breeze, the sense of inner peace and contentment from being in the moment allows me to smile. It is funny how quickly removing interference and noise allows the stillness to come in and calm me.  

I wish it were quieter, but that is just life happening. I make the effort to digest the noise and absorb it as it is. As I focus on thinking and writing, the noise disappears on its own, and just seems to go away someplace. 

This moment with few distractions reminds me, once again, of the miracle of life and living. Perhaps there is something in the interconnectedness of the planets, the stars in the heavens, the rotation of our world, the pathways and order of our universe that humbles me. It reminds me of the gift I have been given. To say I am alive, participating and part of something much bigger than I can imagine reminds me to stay the right size and enjoy it all, every minute, every day.  

It calls on me to focus on what is important, which is also always simple. To focus on the good, be part of the good, be kinder, appreciate more, give, grow, hug and love, life, people, planet. To remember I am not as important as I think I am. For proof, I have only to look around to see the miracles happening all the time without my help. But I also need to remember that I’m also more loved than I’ll ever know. And that’s humbling too.

Life has taught me that the quality of my life is in direct proportion to my thinking. Today, right here, right now in a quiet moment, life is good.

With peace, love and laughter,

Joe Dunne