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The Legacy of Fatherhood

May 30, 2023 11:32PM ● By Joe Dunne

June is our “Men’s Month Issue. Naturally, it falls in the month of Father’s Day—beyond a doubt my favorite holiday of the year. I have been a father for over 53 years and to this day the experience of fathering continues to challenge and reward me with dividends way beyond the material world. 

Nothing in the world moves me more than a dedicated dad. When I look at fathers today, the younger generation especially, it makes me proud to know fatherhood has evolved, that men have come so far and we are now able to reap the rewards of the involved father.  

It seems to me that parenting, my contribution as a father, is the most important legacy of my life. I am extremely proud that our contributions as men to our children, to our families and to our legacy has evolved. 

Fathers—be proud. Happy Father’s day and keep growing.

Joe Dunne, Publisher