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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Publisher’s Letter

Jan 06, 2024 02:57PM ● By Jerome Bilaos

In my publisher’s letter last December, I wrote about personal commitments on an every day level. To work on ourselves, to make sure our attitude, behaviors and good actions were intact and aligned to grow as a person. To grow, improve and make progress as a mom or dad, as a better friend, and a better human. In addition, we suggested that helping others was helping ourselves, and how important that is to our souls.   

Now, one year later, I look over how I’ve done. Over this past year I have worked on my own suggestions, my tolerance, my acceptance, and my decisions. So much improves when I concentrated on changing me, the one person I do have control over.  For me, the biggest surprise of the year has been the decisions I made to release stress.

When I pay attention to who I am, how I act and what I want to change, thoughts just seem to appear. Awareness and clarity expose denial.  

When I set the time aside to review me, when my desires are to improve, although not easy, I can face my fears, understand my true honesty, and understand the protective barriers I have built. This is what has allowed me to absolutely change my life for the better. When I made a hard decision but a correct one to drop the stress that was affecting my life, the reward has been life changing for me.  

So my non-resolution for 2024 is facing fears, removing stress, nurturing myself, applauding myself and others. In general, to stay on the good side of who I am. A person looking for progress in my development as a human being.  As you may know I love the motto “See the good.” My hope for everyone is we can see the good in ourselves. It seems to be an area we brush aside quite easily. On the AA coin there is another motto, “To thy own self be true”. In 2024 and thereafter be proud of yourself, be good to yourself, be a better person. Everyone around you will reap the rewards along with you. 

My wish for all of us is to live life, enjoy it all, be a good person, spread peace, help others, be compassionate, don’t judge and keep improving. Make 2024 and every year a year of hope, while appreciating and being true to you.