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‘Be The Medicine’ Allows Us to Find Peace and Live a Healing Lifestyle

Apr 03, 2024 08:42AM ● By Debra Wallace

Janet StraightArrow is a healer’s healer and teacher’s teacher.

For nearly 60 years, Janet has studied and practiced worldwide methods of mind, body, emotion, spirit, and soul medicine that were originally inspired by a dire medical diagnosis. Having assisted thousands of people to heal and help themselves during the past 42 years, Janet has learned a great deal through these experiences to better help make the process quicker and easier.

At the tender age of 15, Janet was told that she would not live long and that it would be a painful accelerated sickly life filled with infections and breakdowns in her body. Her father was 43, disabled, and forced to retire while grappling with chronic critical illnesses. Her doctor told her she was following in his footsteps; but at a much faster pace.

At this time Janet decided she wanted a different life without sickness and pain.

In a dramatic twist, she took charge of the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual aspects of her well-being...which at age 71 she continues to do today for herself and appreciative recipients of her gifts as a master healer and profound teacher. She laughs when people think she is in her 50’s and says, “this is what living ‘Be The Medicine’ offers us.” As such, she is honored to be able to help someone who is going through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges in their life. “They want to really change and heal, feel stuck, and they often come to me after they have tried everything else,” she explained. 

She started her journey to ‘Be The Medicine’ for her own well-being. She found her passion and purpose was for living a full healthy, pain-free life of love, peace, and joy, and making it easily accessible to others.

Her work through ‘Be The Medicine’ has been gathered and refined into books and recordings set to unfold over the next few years. She has 11 books on her computer. Three are in the publication process. “This is my year to begin bringing my work out fully since people are now ready for deeper, more complete learning and healing.”

What Being a Shaman Means to Janet StraightArrow

Among the many aspects of her life that are unique, is her discovery of being a linage shaman at the age of 40. She discovered that, “A shaman is someone who heals themselves.” Which made perfect sense to her because that was her life since a teen.

As a grounded businesswoman, and top realtor, being a shaman was not exactly what she expected as her next profession. It was only when her natural gifts unfolded, and her studies accelerated, that was she able to understand her calling to fulfill the needs of people who came to her for healing and wisdom.

Janet explored decades of studies with renowned master healers, shamans, and spiritual teachers. She gratefully had several mentors whom she worked with closely for years. She also became a Reiki master and offers comprehensive training and has practiced for 30 years.

As much as she has studied with gurus and Zen masters, she also found her first and best training in mindfulness was driving race cars for six years on road racing tracks including Watkin’s Glen, and Pocono Raceway when she was in her 20s.

Janet’s education includes attending Harvard University Medical School’s Mind Body Institutes Continuing Education programs for several years. This was extremely helpful in her understanding of how medicine was beginning to integrate holistic methods and spirituality into their practice.

Her tool bag is a diverse offering and provides a holistic view that draws on what is needed by each person who works with her. “It’s all about energy healing, choices, and higher levels of awareness. I am always teaching people perspectives and the ways to heal themselves.” she explained. “They participate and learn what causes diseases so they can help create health.” 

Impactful Classes for Healers

 Janet has unique and powerful classes for healers and everyone else who is interested in how to understand deeper nuances of what energy is, how it affects us, being supported in their spiritual growth, and how to channel pure healing energy. They also learn to be an aware and protected healer and human.

Soul Shamanism is Janet’s signature body of work that is accessed by healers and advanced seekers to help themselves and others on all levels from body to soul

Janet offers a variety of inspiring services conducted via Zoom, Facetime, on the phone, or in person. The offerings include private healing, coaching, teaching, clearing sessions, classes, workshops, professional training, retreats, building and land clearing, and progressive learning.

Her company’s website ‘Be The Medicine’ is a path of spiritual healing mastery in everyday life. Even the beginner classes and sessions catapult participants into a higher truth that leads to profound healing, awakening, and knowing.

A Lasting Legacy of Healing

 Janet said the primary aspect of her work is using techniques that will help people change their mindset. “When we focus on perfect health instead of disease, we find our way to healing easily.”

 She adds, “I lovingly help people to understand they are worthy and help them work through any fears and release them. They leave with a sense of hope that they didn’t have when they came in.”

“I have dedicated my life to sharing a new paradigm for health and wellness, that will go beyond my lifetime, which is ‘Be The Medicine.’ Living what I teach makes all of what I share easy to receive.”

Be The Medicine is located in Chester, New Jersey. For information, contact Janet StraightArrow at 973-647-2500 or [email protected]. Visit See ad, page 19.

Debra Wallace is an award-winning journalist, editor, content writer, and motivational speaker with 25+ years of experience. Her passion is to increase opportunities for children and adults with autism and other special needs.