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Take Time to Balance

Apr 03, 2024 08:47AM ● By Jeaniesa Santiano

Staying in balance is more than a job—it is a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual dedication. With only so much time in a day, it is a wonder we can achieve the tranquility that comes with true balance. On some days, I consider the monks in the hills, living a simple life, going about the tasks of their day while practicing silence. Well, it sounds like utopia.

We, on the other hand, live in a world of stress. Stress that we create from our thinking and perceptions; a stress-filled society that we often have invented. Then, if you are like me, you add to an already overfull pile by saying yes when no would have been just fine. Adding on more stress by stripping life of time. Time to rest, time to play, time to think, time to feel, time to wander.

On top of the personal stressors, there is also the news of the world stress bombarding us with sad, negative issues. Interject the social media trap, opinions, options, theories and blame, blame, and more blame. Avoiding stress, even sublevel stress seems next to impossible. 

So, how do I find balance? How do I counteract the everyday stressors that come our way. It seems to me that my solutions always turn to acceptance, understanding, adjusting and changing perspectives. To seek the time…no, to make the time for self-care.

My responsibility to my own life means I must recognize and decide what is good for me. To recognize that my sanity matters, and that balance brings a better me to the family, work world, etc. Self-care is a good decision I must make, and with no guilt. The guilt should stem from me not taking care of me, not the other way around. Making my mental, spiritual and physical health not just a priority but a necessity is simply a good decision. Time out is a good thing, and many times so needed.

On your daily ‘To Do’ list, include a time to balance—whatever that may mean to you. We are all worth it. Honoring self-worth, that I matter, that my life is important enough to acknowledge, that no matter who I am, I am worth taking the time to balance, center, breathe, to continue. I am worth loving and so are you.

Take time for you,

Joe Dunne, Publisher