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A New Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain

Dr. Stephen Roman, M.D., founder of the RegeneSpine, Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute, is now offering a new minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment for low back pain—the Discseel Procedure.

Traditionally, one of the most difficult conditions for physicians to treat in the spine is pain caused by spinal discs. The Discseel Procedure treats most spine pathology because it identifies and treats disc annular tears and fissures, which are the true and underlying cause of most spine issues including disc herniations, bulges, degeneration and radiculopathy.

The Discseel Procedure is used to treat patients with chronic low back pain that desire to avoid surgery, as well as patients that have failed to experience relief from spinal surgery. The focus is to provide the patient with a better quality of life, without surgery.

The Discseel Procedure uses a substance called fibrin to seal tears in the spinal discs, becoming a part of the disc, and then promoting the growth of disc tissue. The physician begins the process by looking for torn discs using x-ray images. If a disc is shown to have a tear, fibrin is injected.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes, and improvement in pain usually begins in one to four months.

Location: Offices in Pennington and Parsippany, NJ, and NYC. For information, call 609-570-6980, email [email protected] and visit See ad, back cover.