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Coffee Alternatives

coffee beans

beans & Eduardo1961 from Getty Images & Sara from Pexels

A research article in PLOS ONE predicts that by 2050, climate change will dramatically reduce the world’s most suitable and moderately suitable areas to grow coffee by more than 50 percent and 30 to 40 percent, respectively. With the potential reduced supply and high cost for our morning cup of Joe, several companies are exploring alternatives.

French company STEM is working to develop sustainable and future-proof coffee at a genetic level using coffee byproducts such as grounds and coffee cherry pulp. Other bean-less coffee companies are trying to recreate the coffee taste and aroma using substitute ingredients. Northern Wonder, a Dutch company, uses lupin beans, chickpeas and chicory. Seattle-based Atomo infuses date seed with a proprietary marinade. Minus, of San Francisco, uses fermentation out of pits, roots and seeds that might otherwise be discarded. Singapore-based Prefer uses a soy milk byproduct, bread and spent barley from breweries that are then fermented. Each of these bean-less coffee makers adds caffeine to their brews to provide the pick-me-up consumers crave in their morning cup.


This article appears in July 2024 issue of Natural Awakenings.