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Patient Testimonial: Avoid Surgery with PRP Injections at NuCell Regenerative Health in Narberth, PA

Matt, a healthy guy of 50, tore his rotator cuff lifting weights.  His doctor confirmed a 50% tear with an MRI.  So Matt did what most of us do trying to avoid surgery…he walked around with the injury for a full year without treatment.  Only able to lift his right arm half way, he had no idea there was an alternative to surgery until a friend told him about PRP.

PRP is an injection of the patient’s own platelet rich plasma, retrieved from the patient’s own blood.  Over the next 3 weeks to 3 months, the area of injection completely regenerates.  

At first this sounded too good to be true but a couple weeks later he received a PRP injection into his shoulder tear after reading many positive testimonials.  Unlike surgical repair, there was minimal pain, a very short  recovery period with no scar tissue to deal with in Physical Therapy.

“I know people who had shoulder surgery and the recovery was long and brutally painful. I experienced minimal downtime as PRP doesn’t limit your life after you get it.”  Matt started physical therapy two weeks later and after 3 months he returned to his doctor who confirmed the tendon completely regrew.  “My total shoulder function came back like I was never injured.  Not many people can say that after receiving any type of surgery.”  Matt’s shoulder was back to normal and the strength returned with full range of motion. 

PRP injections happen every day at 

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