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New Treatments for Chronic Pain at NuCell Regenerative Health

NuCell Regenerative Health’s medical director, Alan Taylor, PA-C, is known for researching and making available the newest therapies that focus on wellness, including chronic pain. “Alleviating pain without dependence upon narcotics dramatically improves many areas of everyday life and supports the body’s ability to heal itself, given the right tools to do so,” Taylor advises. “NuCell is committed to providing those tools.”


While the country has been absorbed in the Covid19 health crisis, advances in non-narcotic pain treatment therapy have quietly elevated the existing science of vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) to that of an FDA-cleared, Class II medical device, covered by insurance. Taylor explains that NuCell, in Narberth, is this area’s early adopter of this treatment and one of the few providers offering the cutting-edge treatment in Pennsylvania.

Covered by Medicare, workers’ comp and Pennsylvania’s main insurance companies, a small device, worn behind the ear, is individually calibrated to a patient’s specific pain center in a temporary, 10-day treatment, resulting in reports of three to six months of around-the-clock, full-body pain relief. 

Taylor adds, “While neurostimulation is strong enough to eliminate the need for pain medication, the treatment is complementary with other pain management treatments, boosting their effectiveness. It is also recommended for pain medication reduction, including opioids and other narcotics. Side benefits include better sleep, reduced cravings, weight loss, and relief from migraines, depression, anxiety, OCD, panic disorder, epilepsy and PTSD. 

“Neurostimulation therapy is approved and fully covered for patients currently in treatment for chronic pain, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, shingles, back pain, TMJ and more. Patients treated for chronic pain in the past six to 18 months can become pre-qualified for this highly effective treatment by contacting our office.”

Medical Marijuana

Patients at NuCell can receive their medical marijuana certification for the state’s qualifying conditions, giving Pennsylvania residents access to high-quality medicinal cannabis from the state’s dispensaries. Delivery methods for cannabis products range from sublingual (access to bloodstream under the tongue), topical (creams or transdermal patches), vape and ingestion. NuCell partners with the state’s dispensaries, bringing awareness to the need to support our state’s dispensaries and frequent discounted promotions for certification and recertification events.  

To qualify for a medical marijuana card from the PA Department of Health, a patient needs only to have been already diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions. No referral, approval, prescription or recommendation is required. Pennsylvania residents can contact NuCell’s certification experts to schedule their certification telehealth appointment, and for help identifying which category applies to their condition. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma

In addition to medically supervised neurostimulation therapy and the PA medical cannabis program, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an effective treatment for pain in tissues where regenerative abilities of the body can heal the source of pain. NuCell offers PRP injections that aid in the treatment of chronic conditions and injuries causing chronic pain. “The patient’s own platelet-rich plasma is collected from their blood and concentrated into a series of targeted injections,” explains Taylor. “The results of tissue regeneration continue to improve after the injections for the next three weeks to three months with constant, steady improvement.”

Taylor is an internationally recognized, board-certified physician assistant, author, lecturer and authority on regenerative medicine, orthopedics and internal medicine. He has successfully completed more than 6,000 regenerative procedures over the last 15 years. Currently, he is developing the first ethics board on regenerative medicine issues. 

Location: 632 Montgomery Ave., 3rd Fl., Narberth. To inquire about neurostimulation therapy, or for PRP packages and promotions, call 215-323-3020 or email [email protected] For PA medical marijuana certification, call 267-204-5733 or email [email protected] Visit online at See ad, page 10.

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